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Today we are going to lớn Install and review the Galaxy N8/S8 ROM called Astra Dream UX for the Galaxy lưu ý 4. The Phone I have used in the video clip is the N910F …

Device List:

Select Device
EK-GC100 (Galaxy Camera) EK-GC110 (Galaxy Camera (Wi
Fi Only)) EK-GC200 (Galaxy Camera 2) EK-GN100 (Galaxy Camera NX (3G)) EK-GN120 (Galaxy Camera NX) EK-GN120AEK-KC120S (Galaxy Camera (LTE)) GT-B5330 (Galaxy )GT-B5330B (Galaxy )GT-B5330L (Galaxy ) GT-B5510 (Galaxy Y Pro) GT-B5510B (Galaxy Y Pro) GT-B5510L (Galaxy Y Pro) GT-B5512 (Galaxy Y Pro Duos) GT-B5512B (Galaxy Y Pro Duos) GT-B7510GT-B7510LGT-B9062GT-B9120GT-B9150 (Samsung Home
Sync) GT-B9388GT-I5500GT-I5500BGT-I5500LGT-I5503GT-I5503TGT-I5510GT-I5510LGT-I5510MGT-I5510TGT-I5800GT-I5800LGT-I5801GT-I8150 (Galaxy W) GT-I8150B (Galaxy W) GT-I8150T (Galaxy W) GT-I8160 (Galaxy Ace 2) GT-I8160L (Galaxy Ace 2 Latin) GT-I8160P (Galaxy Ace 2) GT-I8190 (Galaxy S 3 Mini) GT-I8190L (Galaxy S 3 Mini (Latin)) GT-I8190N (Galaxy S 3 Mini) GT-I8190T (Galaxy S 3 Mini (LTE)) GT-I8200 (Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition) GT-I8200L (Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition (Latin)) GT-I8200N (Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition (N)) GT-I8200QGT-I8250GT-I8258GT-I8260 (Galaxy Core) GT-I8260E (Samsung GT-I8260E) GT-I8260L (Galaxy core (Latin)) GT-I8262 (Galaxy Core) GT-I8262BGT-I8262D (Galaxy Duos) GT-I8268 (Galaxy GT-I8268) GT-I8530 (Galaxy Beam) GT-I8550EGT-I8550L (Galaxy Win (Latin)) GT-I8552 (Galaxy Win) GT-I8552BGT-I8558GT-I8580 (Galaxy vi xử lý core Advance) GT-I8730 (Galaxy Express) GT-I8730T (Galaxy Express) GT-I9000 (Galaxy S) GT-I9000BGT-I9000TGT-I9001 (Galaxy S Plus) GT-I9003 (Galaxy S SL) GT-I9003LGT-I9008LGT-I9010GT-I9050GT-I9060 (Galaxy Grand Lite) GT-I9060CGT-I9060I (Galaxy Grand NEO Plus) GT-I9060L (Galaxy Grand Neo (Latin)) GT-I9060M (Galaxy Grand Neo Plus (GT-I9060M)) GT-I9063T (Galaxy Grand Neo (GT-I9063T)) GT-I9070 (Galaxy S Advance) GT-I9070P (Galaxy S Advance (NFC)) GT-I9080L (Galaxy Grand) GT-I9082 (Galaxy Grand Duos) GT-I9082C (Galaxy Grand Neo Duos) GT-I9082L (Galaxy Grand Duos) GT-I9100 (Galaxy S 2) GT-I9100G (Galaxy S 2) GT-I9100MGT-I9100P (Galaxy S 2) GT-I9100T (Galaxy S 2) GT-I9103 (Galaxy R) GT-I9105 (Galaxy S 2 Plus) GT-I9105P (Galaxy S 2 Plus) GT-I9108 (Galaxy S 2) GT-I9118GT-I9128 (Galaxy Grand) GT-I9128I (GT-I9128I (China)) GT-I9128V (Galaxy Grand (512MB)) GT-I9150 (Galaxy Mega 5.8) GT-I9152 (Galaxy Mega 5.8) GT-I9152PGT-I9158 (Galaxy Mega 5.8) GT-I9158PGT-I9158V (Galaxy Mega 5.8 TD-LTE (China)) GT-I9168GT-I9168IGT-I9190 (Galaxy S4 Mini) GT-I9192 (Galaxy S4 Mini Duos) GT-I9192IGT-I9195 (Galaxy S4 Mini LTE) GT-I9195HGT-I9195I (Galaxy S4 Mini ve LTE (GT-I9195I)) GT-I9195L (Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (Latin)) GT-I9195T (Galaxy S4 Mini LTE) GT-I9197 (Galaxy S4 Mini (TD-LTE)) GT-I9200 (Galaxy Mega 6.3) GT-I9205 (Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE) GT-I9208 (Galaxy Mega 6.3 (TD-SCDMA)) GT-I9210 (Galaxy S 2 LTE) GT-I9210T (Galaxy S 2 LTE) GT-I9220 (Galaxy Note) GT-I9228 (Galaxy lưu ý (China - TD-SCDMA)) GT-I9230 (Galaxy Folder) GT-I9235GT-I9260 (Galaxy Premier) GT-I9268 (Galaxy Premier) GT-I9295 (Galaxy S 4 Active) GT-I9300 (Galaxy S 3 (International)) GT-I9300I (Galaxy S3 Neo) GT-I9300T (Galaxy S 3 (Australia)) GT-I9301I (Galaxy S3 Neo+) GT-I9301QGT-I9305 (Galaxy S 3 LTE) GT-I9305N (Galaxy S 3 (4G)) GT-I9305T (Galaxy S 3 (4G - Australia)) GT-I9308 (Galaxy S 3 (China)) GT-I9308I (Galaxy S3 Neo+ (TD-SCDMA)) GT-I9500 (Galaxy S 4 (Exynos Octa)) GT-I9502 (Galaxy S 4 DUOS) GT-I9505 (Galaxy S 4 (Snapdragon)) GT-I9506 (Galaxy S4 (LTE-A/S800)) GT-I9507 (Galaxy S4 (TD-LTE)) GT-I9507VGT-I9508 (Galaxy S 4 DUOS) GT-I9508VGT-I9515 (Galaxy S4 Value Edition) GT-I9515L (Galaxy S4 Value Edition (Latin)) GT-N5100 (Galaxy chú ý 8.0 (3G/WIFI)) GT-N5110 (Galaxy note 8.0 (WIFI)) GT-N5120 (Galaxy lưu ý 8.0 LTE) GT-N7000 (Galaxy Note) GT-N7000B (Galaxy Note) GT-N7005 (Galaxy lưu ý LTE) GT-N7100 (Galaxy lưu ý 2 (International)) GT-N7100T (Galaxy lưu ý 2 (A/O)) GT-N7102 (Galaxy note 2 DUOS (China)) GT-N7105 (Galaxy chú ý 2 LTE (International)) GT-N7105T (Galaxy lưu ý 2 LTE (A/O)) GT-N7108 (Galaxy chú ý 2 (TD-SCDMA)) GT-N7108D (Galaxy cảnh báo 2 (TD-LTE)) GT-N8000 (Galaxy cảnh báo 10.1 (3G + Wi
Fi)) GT-N8005 (Galaxy chú ý 10.1 (3G + Wi
Fi)) GT-N8010 (Galaxy cảnh báo 10.1 (Wi
Fi)) GT-N8013 (Galaxy chú ý 10.1 (WIFI)) GT-N8020 (Galaxy note 10.1 (LTE + Wi
Fi)) GT-P1000 (Galaxy Tab (3G + Wi
Fi)) GT-P1000L (Galaxy Tab (3G + Wi
Fi) (Latin)) GT-P1000MGT-P1000NGT-P1000T (Galaxy Tab 7.0 (Telestra)) GT-P1010GT-P3100 (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (3G + Wi
Fi)) GT-P3100B (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (3G + Wi
Fi)) GT-P3105 (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (3G + Wi
Fi)) GT-P3108 (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Chinese)) GT-P3110 (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wi
Fi) GT-P3113 (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 WIFI) GT-P5100 (Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (3G + Wi
Fi)) GT-P5110 (Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi
Fi) GT-P5113 (Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Wi
Fi)) GT-P5200 (Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (3G+Wi
Fi)) GT-P5210 (Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (Wi-Fi)) GT-P5220 (Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LTE) GT-P6200 (Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus) GT-P6200L (Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus) GT-P6201GT-P6210 (Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (Wi
Fi)) GT-P6211GT-P6800 (Galaxy Tab 7.7) GT-P6810 (Galaxy Tab 7.7 Wi
Fi) GT-P7300 (Galaxy Tab 8.9 (3G + Wi
Fi)) GT-P7300B (Galaxy Tab 8.9 (3G + WIFI)) GT-P7310 (Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Wi
Fi)) GT-P7320 (Galaxy Tab 8.9 (LTE + Wi
Fi)) GT-P7320T (Galaxy Tab 8.9 (4G + Wi
Fi)) GT-P7500 (Galaxy Tab 10.1) GT-P7500DGT-P7500MGT-P7500RGT-P7501 (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N (3G + Wifi)) GT-P7510 (Galaxy Tab 10.1 (WIFI)) GT-P7511GT-S5280 (Galaxy Star) GT-S5282 (Galaxy Star Duos) GT-S5283BGT-S5300 (Galaxy Pocket) GT-S5300B (Galaxy Pocket) GT-S5300L (Galaxy Pocket (Latin)) GT-S5301 (Galaxy Pocket Plus) GT-S5301B (Galaxy Pocket Plus) GT-S5301L (Galaxy Pocket Plus (Latin)) GT-S5302 (Galaxy Pocket Duos) GT-S5302B (Galaxy Pocket Duos) GT-S5303 (Galaxy Y Plus) GT-S5303BGT-S5310 (Galaxy Pocket Neo) GT-S5310B (Galaxy Pocket Plus) GT-S5310E (Galaxy Pocket Neo) GT-S5310G (Galaxy Pocket Neo) GT-S5310IGT-S5310L (Galaxy Pocket Neo (Latin)) GT-S5312 (Galaxy Pocket Neo Duos) GT-S5312B (Galaxy Pocket Neo Duos) GT-S5312L (Galaxy Pocket Neo (Latin)) GT-S5360 (Galaxy Y) GT-S5360B (Galaxy Y) GT-S5360L (Galaxy Y (Latin)) GT-S5360TGT-S5363 (Galaxy Y (Young)) GT-S5367 (Galaxy Y TV) GT-S5369 (Galaxy Y) GT-S5570 (Galaxy Mini) GT-S5570BGT-S5570I (Galaxy Mini Plus) GT-S5570LGT-S5578GT-S5660 (Galaxy Gio) GT-S5660L (Galaxy Gio) GT-S5660MGT-S5660V (Galaxy Gio) GT-S5670GT-S5670LGT-S5690 (Galaxy XCover) GT-S5690L (Galaxy XCover (Latin)) GT-S5690M (Galaxy Rugby (Canada)) GT-S5690R (Galaxy Rugby (Canada)) GT-S5830 (Galaxy Ace) GT-S5830B (Galaxy Ace) GT-S5830C (Galaxy Ace (S.A.)) GT-S5830i (Galaxy Ace) GT-S5830L (Galaxy Ace (Latin)) GT-S5830M (Galaxy Ace (Latin)) GT-S5830T (Galaxy Ace (A/O)) GT-S5838GT-S5839i (Galaxy Ace) GT-S6010 (Galaxy Music) GT-S6010L (Galaxy Music) GT-S6012 (Galaxy Music Duos) GT-S6012B (Galaxy Music Duos) GT-S6102 (Galaxy Y Duos) GT-S6102B (Galaxy Y Duos) GT-S6102E (Galaxy Y Duos) GT-S6108 (Galaxy Y Pop) GT-S6293TGT-S6310 (Galaxy Young) GT-S6310L (Galaxy Young (Latin)) GT-S6310N (Galaxy Young) GT-S6310T (Galaxy Young) GT-S6312 (Galaxy Young Duos) GT-S6313T (Galaxy Young Duos TV) GT-S6352 (Galaxy Ace Duos (China)) GT-S6358 (Galaxy Ace (China)) GT-S6500 (Galaxy Mini 2) GT-S6500D (Galaxy Mini 2) GT-S6500L (Galaxy Mini 2) GT-S6500T (Galaxy Mini 2) GT-S6790 (Galaxy Fame ve sầu DUOS) GT-S6790EGT-S6790L (Galaxy Fame Lite (Latin)) GT-S6790N (Galaxy Fame Lite (GT-S6790N)) GT-S6792LGT-S6800 (Galaxy Ace Advance) GT-S6802 (Galaxy Ace Duos) GT-S6802B (Galaxy Ace Duos) GT-S6810 (Galaxy Fame) GT-S6810B (Galaxy Fame) GT-S6810E (Galaxy Fame) GT-S6810L (Galaxy Fame (Latin)) GT-S6810M (Galaxy Fame) GT-S6810P (Galaxy Fame (NFC)) GT-S6812 (Galaxy Fame Duos) GT-S6812B (Galaxy Fame DUOS) GT-S6812C (Galaxy Fame) GT-S7262 (Galaxy Star PRO) GT-S7270 (Galaxy Ace 3) GT-S7270L (Galaxy Ace 3 (Latin)) GT-S7272 (Galaxy Ace 3 Duos) GT-S7272CGT-S7273T (Galaxy Ace 3 (Brazil)) GT-S7275B (Galaxy Ace 3 LTE (South America)) GT-S7275R (Galaxy Ace 3 LTE) GT-S7275T (Galaxy Ace 3 LTE) GT-S7278GT-S7278U (Galaxy Ace 3 Duos TD) GT-S7390 (Galaxy Fresh) GT-S7390EGT-S7390GGT-S7390LGT-S7392 (Galaxy Trend DUOS) GT-S7500 (Galaxy Ace Plus) GT-S7500L (Galaxy Ace Plus (Latin)) GT-S7500T (Galaxy Ace Plus) GT-S7508GT-S7560 (Galaxy Ace IIx) GT-S7560M (Galaxy Ace IIx) GT-S7562 (Galaxy S Duos) GT-S7562L (Galaxy S Duos) GT-S7566 (Galaxy S Duos) GT-S7568 (Galaxy S Duos) GT-S7572 (Galaxy Trend DUOS 2) GT-S7580 (Galaxy Trend Plus) GT-S7580L (Galaxy Trend Plus (Latin)) GT-S7582 (Galaxy S DUOS 2) GT-S7582L (Galaxy S Duos 2 (Latin)) GT-S7710 (Galaxy Xcover 2) GT-S7710L (Galaxy Xcover 2 (Latin)) GT-S7898 (Galaxy Trend 2) GT-S7898I (Galaxy Trend 2 (TD-SCDMA)) ISW11SC (Galaxy S 2 (Wi
MAX)) SC-01CSC-01DSC-01E (Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus (Do
Mo)) SC-01F (Galaxy lưu ý 3 (Do
Mo)) SC-01G (Galaxy note Edge (Do
Mo)) SC-02BSC-02C (Galaxy S 2 (Do
Mo)) SC-02DSC-02E (Galaxy lưu ý 2 (Docomo)) SC-02FSC-02G (Galaxy S5 Active (Do
Mo)) SC-02HSC-02JSC-03D (Galaxy S2 LTE (Do
Mo)) SC-03E (Galaxy S3 (Do
Mo)) SC-03G (Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Do
Mo)) SC-03JSC-04E (Galaxy S 4 (Do
Mo)) SC-04F (Galaxy S5 (Do
Mo)) SC-04G (Galaxy S6 Edge (Do
Mo)) SC-04JSC-05D (Galaxy note LTE (Do
Mo)) SC-05G (Galaxy S6 (Do
Mo)) SC-06D (Galaxy S 3 (Korea NTT Docomo)) SCH-I435 (Galaxy S4 Mini (Verizon)) SCH-I500SCH-I535 (Galaxy S 3 (Verizon)) SCH-I545 (Galaxy S4 (Verizon)) SCH-I545LSCH-i569SCH-i589SCH-I605 (Galaxy cảnh báo 2 (Verizon)) SCH-I679SCH-I699 (Galaxy Trend) SCH-I699I (Samsung SCH-I699I) SCH-I739 (Galaxy Trend 2) SCH-I759 (Galaxy Infinite) SCH-i809SCH-I829 (Galaxy Style DUOS) SCH-I869SCH-I879 (Galaxy Grand (China)) SCH-i909SCH-I939 (Galaxy S 3 (China Anycall)) SCH-I939D (Galaxy S III (Dual Sim)) SCH-I939ISCH-I959 (Galaxy S 4 (CDMA)) SCH-L710SCH-N719 (Galaxy note 2 (CDMA)) SCH-P709 (Galaxy Mega 5.8 Duos (China)) SCH-P709E (Galaxy Mega 5.8 DUOS (SCH-P709E)) SCH-P729 (Galaxy Mega 6.3 Duos (China)) SCH-R530C (Galaxy S 3 (Cricket)) SCH-R530M (Galaxy S 3 LTE (Metro)) SCH-R760SCH-R830 (Galaxy Axiom) SCH-R890SCH-R950 (Galaxy note II LTE (US Cellular)) SCH-R960SCH-R970 (Galaxy S 4 (U.S Cellular)) SCH-R970C (Galaxy S 4 (Cricket)) SCH-R970XSCH-W2013 (Jackie Chan Dual Screen Flip Phone) SCH-W899SCL22SCL23 (Galaxy S5 (Japan/AU KDDI)) SCL24SCV32SCV33SCV35SCV36SGH-I257MSGH-I317 (Galaxy cảnh báo 2 (AT&T)) SGH-I317M (Galaxy cảnh báo 2 (Canada)) SGH-I337 (Galaxy S 4 (AT&T)) SGH-I337M (Galaxy S 4 (Canada)) SGH-I467M (Galaxy cảnh báo 8.0 LTE (Canada)) SGH-I497 (Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (AT&T)) SGH-I527M (Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE (Canada)) SGH-I537 (Galaxy S4 Active (AT&T)) SGH-I547C (Galaxy Rugby PRO (LTE)) SGH-I717 (Galaxy cảnh báo (AT&T)) SGH-I717D (Galaxy chú ý LTE (Telus)) SGH-I717M (Galaxy note LTE (Bell)) SGH-I717R (Galaxy chú ý LTE (Rogers)) SGH-I727 (Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket) SGH-I727RSGH-I747 (Galaxy S III LTE (AT&T)) SGH-I747M (Galaxy S 3 (North America)) SGH-I757M (Galaxy S 2 HD LTE) SGH-I927RSGH-I957DSGH-I957MSGH-I997RSGH-M819N (Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE (Metro PCS)) SGH-M919 (Galaxy S 4 (T-Mobile)) SGH-M919V (Galaxy S 4 (Canada)) SGH-N075T (Galaxy J) SGH-T399 (Galaxy Light (T-Mobile)) SGH-T499SGH-T499YSGH-T589SGH-T589RSGH-T679 (Galaxy Exhibit 4G (T-Mobile)) SGH-T699SGH-T769 (Galaxy S Blaze 4G) SGH-T779 (Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 4G (T-Mobile)) SGH-T859SGH-T869SGH-T879 (Galaxy chú ý (T-Mobile)) SGH-T889 (Galaxy chú ý 2 (T-Mobile)) SGH-T889V (Galaxy cảnh báo 2 (Canada)) SGH-T959PSGH-T989SGH-T989D (Galaxy S 2 X (T-Mobile)) SGH-T999 (Galaxy S 3 (T-Mobile)) SGH-T999L (Galaxy S3 LTE (T-Mobile)) SGH-T999NSGH-T999V (Galaxy S 3 (Canada)) SHV-E120K (Galaxy S 2 HD (Korea)) SHV-E120L (Galaxy S 2 HD (Korea)) SHV-E120S (Galaxy S 2 HD (Korea)) SHV-E150S (Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE (Korea)) SHV-E160K (Galaxy lưu ý LTE (Korea)) SHV-E160L (Galaxy lưu ý LTE (Korea)) SHV-E160S (Galaxy chú ý LTE (Korea)) SHV-E170S (Galaxy R Style (Korea)) SHV-E210K (Galaxy S 3 LTE (Korea KTF)) SHV-E210L (Galaxy S 3 LTE (Korea LG+)) SHV-E210S (Galaxy S 3 LTE (Korea SKT)) SHV-E220S (Galaxy Pop) SHV-E230L (Galaxy lưu ý 10.1 LTE (Korea)) SHV-E230S (Galaxy lưu ý 10.1 LTE (Korea)) SHV-E250K (Galaxy chú ý 2 LTE (Korea KTF)) SHV-E250L (Galaxy chú ý 2 LTE (Korea LG+)) SHV-E250S (Galaxy lưu ý 2 LTE (Korea SKT)) SHV-E270S (Galaxy Grand (Korea)) SHV-E275S (Samsung SHV-E275S) SHV-E300K (Galaxy S4 (Korea/KTF)) SHV-E300S (Galaxy S 4 (Korea)) SHV-E310S (Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE (Korea)) SHV-E330S (Galaxy S4 LTE-A (Korea)) SHV-E470SSHV-E500SSHW-M110SSHW-M440S (Galaxy S3 CDMA (Korea SKT)) SHW-M480S (Galaxy lưu ý 10.1 (Korea)) SHW-M480W (Galaxy chú ý 10.1 32GB (Wi
Fi) ) SHW-M500WSHW-M570S (Samsung SHW-M570S) SM-A3000SM-A3009SM-A300F (Galaxy A3 (SM-A300F)) SM-A300FU (Galaxy A3 (SM-A300FU)) SM-A300G (Galaxy A3 (SM-A300G)) SM-A300H (Galaxy A3 (SM-A300H)) SM-A300MSM-A300YSM-A300YZSM-A310F (Galaxy A3 2016 (SM-A310F)) SM-A310MSM-A310N0SM-A310YSM-A320F (Galaxy A3 2017 (SM-A320F)) SM-A320FLSM-A320YSM-A5000 (Galaxy A5 (China)) SM-A5009SM-A500F (Galaxy A5 (SM-A500F)) SM-A500F1SM-A500FU (Galaxy A5 (SM-A500FU)) SM-A500GSM-A500H (Galaxy A5 (SM-A500H)) SM-A500KSM-A500LSM-A500M (Galaxy A5 (SM-A500M)) SM-A500SSM-A500WSM-A500Y (Galaxy A5 (SM-A500Y)) SM-A500YZSM-A5100SM-A5108SM-A510F (Galaxy A5 năm nhâm thìn (SM-A510F)) SM-A510KSM-A510LSM-A510MSM-A510SSM-A510YSM-A520F (Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F)) SM-A520KSM-A520LSM-A520SSM-A520WSM-A530F (Galaxy A8) SM-A600FSM-A600FNSM-A600GSM-A600GNSM-A605FSM-A605FNSM-A605GSM-A605GNSM-A7000SM-A7009SM-A700F (Galaxy A7 (SM-A700F)) SM-A700FD (Galaxy A7 (SM-A700FD)) SM-A700FQSM-A700H (Galaxy A7 (SM-A700H)) SM-A700KSM-A700LSM-A700SSM-A700YDSM-A7100SM-A710F (Galaxy A7 2016 (SM-A710F)) SM-A710FDSM-A710KSM-A710LSM-A710MSM-A710SSM-A710YSM-A720F (Galaxy A7 2017 (SM-A720F)) SM-A730F (Galaxy A8 Plus) SM-A8000SM-A800F (Galaxy A8) SM-A800I (Galaxy A8 (SM-A800I)) SM-A800IZ (Galaxy A8 (SM-A800IZ)) SM-A800SSM-A800YZSM-A810FSM-A810SSM-A810YZSM-A9000SM-A9100 (Galaxy A9 PRO) SM-A910F (Galaxy A9 PRO) SM-C101 (Galaxy S4 Zoom) SM-C105 (Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE) SM-C105ASM-C105S (Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE (Korea/SK-Telecom)) SM-C111 (Galaxy K Zoom 3G) SM-C1116 (Galaxy K Zoom 3G (China)) SM-C111MSM-C115 (Galaxy K Zoom LTE) SM-C1158SM-C115L (Galaxy K Zoom LTE (Latin)) SM-C115MSM-C115WSM-C5000SM-C7000 (Galaxy C7) SM-C7100SM-C710FSM-C9000SM-C9008SM-C900F (Galaxy C9 Pro) SM-C900YSM-E500FSM-E500H (Galaxy E5 (SM-E500H)) SM-E500MSM-E500YZSM-E7000 (Galaxy E7 (SM-E7000)) SM-E7009SM-E700F (Galaxy E7 (SM-E700F)) SM-E700H (Galaxy E7 (SM-E700H)) SM-E700MSM-G110BSM-G110HSM-G110MSM-G130BTSM-G130BUSM-G130E (Galaxy Star 2 (SM-G130E)) SM-G130HSM-G130HNSM-G130MSM-G130USM-G150N0 (Galaxy thư mục (SM-G150N0)) SM-G150NKSM-G150NSSM-G155S (Galaxy folder (SM-G155S)) SM-G1600 (Galaxy thư mục 2 (China)) SM-G1650SM-G310HNSM-G3139DSM-G313FSM-G313H (Galaxy Ace Nxt (Dual Sim)) SM-G313HNSM-G313HU (Galaxy Ace Nxt (SM-G313HU)) SM-G313HYSM-G313HZSM-G313MSM-G313MLSM-G313MUSM-G313MYSM-G313USM-G316HUSM-G316MSM-G316ML (Galaxy Ace 4 Neo (SM-G316ML)) SM-G316MYSM-G316USM-G318H (Galaxy Ace 4 Neo (SM-G318H)) SM-G318HZ (Galaxy Ace Nxt 2 (SM-G318HZ)) SM-G318ML (Galaxy Ace 4 Neo (SM-G318ML)) SM-G318MZ (Galaxy V Plus) SM-G350 (Galaxy chip core Plus) SM-G3502SM-G3502CSM-G3502ISM-G3502LSM-G3502TSM-G3502U (Samsung SM-G3502U) SM-G3508 (Galaxy Trend 3) SM-G3508ISM-G3508JSM-G3509 (SM-G3509 (China)) SM-G3509ISM-G350ESM-G350LSM-G350MSM-G3518SM-G3556DSM-G3558SM-G3559 (Galaxy bộ vi xử lý core 2 (CDMA)) SM-G355H (Galaxy core 2) SM-G355HNSM-G355HQSM-G355M (Galaxy bộ vi xử lý core 2 DUOS) SM-G3568VSM-G357FZ (Galaxy Ace 4 (SM-G357FZ)) SM-G357M (Galaxy Ace 4 (SM-G357M)) SM-G3586V (Galaxy vi xử lý core Lite (WCDMA)) SM-G3588V (Galaxy bộ vi xử lý core Lite (TD-LTE)) SM-G3589WSM-G3606 (Galaxy chip core Prime (SM-G3606)) SM-G3608SM-G3609SM-G360BTSM-G360F (Galaxy bộ vi xử lý core Prime (SM-G360F)) SM-G360FYSM-G360G (Galaxy core Prime (SM-G360G)) SM-G360GYSM-G360H (Galaxy core Prime (SM-G360H)) SM-G360HUSM-G360M (Galaxy bộ vi xử lý core LTE Prime (SM-G360M)) SM-G360P (Galaxy chip core Prime (Sprint USA)) SM-G360TSM-G360T1SM-G361F (Galaxy core Prime LTE (SM-G361F)) SM-G361H (Galaxy core Prime (SM-G361H)) SM-G361HUSM-G3812 (Galaxy Win Pro DUOS) SM-G3812BSM-G3815 (Galaxy Express 2) SM-G3818SM-G3819D (Samsung SM-G3819D) SM-G3858 (Galaxy Beam 2) SM-G386F (Galaxy core LTE) SM-G386TSM-G386T1SM-G386USM-G386WSM-G388F (Galaxy Xcover 3) SM-G389F (Galaxy Xcover 3 ve sầu LTE) SM-G390F (Galaxy Xcover 4) SM-G5108SM-G5108QSM-G5109 (Galaxy chip core Max (SM-G5109)) SM-G5306WSM-G5308WSM-G5309WSM-G530BTSM-G530F (Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530F)) SM-G530FQSM-G530FZ (Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530FZ)) SM-G530H (Galaxy Grand Prime (Dual Sim)) SM-G530MSM-G530MUSM-G530PSM-G530R4SM-G530TSM-G530T1SM-G530WSM-G530YSM-G531BTSM-G531F (Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G531F)) SM-G531HSM-G531M (Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G531M)) SM-G531YSM-G532F (Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F)) SM-G532GSM-G532M (Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532M)) SM-G532MTSM-G5500SM-G550FYSM-G5510SM-G5520SM-G5528SM-G5700SM-G570F (Galaxy J5 Prime (SM-G570F)) SM-G570M (Galaxy J5 Prime (SM-G570M)) SM-G570YSM-G6000SM-G600FSM-G600FY (Galaxy On7 (SM-G600FY)) SM-G600SSM-G6100SM-G610F (Galaxy J7 Prime (SM-G610F)) SM-G610KSM-G610LSM-G610MSM-G610SSM-G610YSM-G611F (Galaxy On7 Prime) SM-G611KSM-G611LSM-G611MSM-G611MTSM-G611SSM-G615F (Galaxy J7 Max) SM-G615FUSM-G710 (Galaxy Grand 2) SM-G7102 (Galaxy Grand 2 DUOS) SM-G7102TSM-G7105 (Galaxy Grand 2 LTE) SM-G7105HSM-G7105L (Galaxy Grand 2 LTE (Latin)) SM-G7106SM-G7108SM-G7108VSM-G7109SM-G710K (Galaxy Grand 2 (Korea)) SM-G710L (Galaxy Grand 2 (Latin)) SM-G710S (Galaxy Grand 2 (Korean)) SM-G7200SM-G720AXSM-G720N0SM-G730A (Galaxy S3 Mini LTE (AT&T)) SM-G730V (Galaxy S3 Mini LTE (Verizon)) SM-G730W8SM-G7508Q (Galaxy Mega 2 (SM-G7508Q)) SM-G7509SM-G750F (Galaxy Mega 2) SM-G750HSM-G800F (Galaxy S5 Mini) SM-G800H (Galaxy S5 Mini (Dual-Sim)) SM-G800HQSM-G800M (Galaxy S5 Mini (South America)) SM-G800R4SM-G800YSM-G8508SSM-G850F (Galaxy Alpha) SM-G850FQ (Galaxy Alpha (SM-G850FQ)) SM-G850KSM-G850LSM-G850M (Galaxy Alpha (South America)) SM-G850S (Galaxy Alpha (SK Telecom)) SM-G850W (Galaxy Alpha (Canada)) SM-G850Y (Galaxy Alpha (SM-G850Y)) SM-G860P (Galaxy S5 thể thao (Sprint USA)) SM-G870A (Galaxy S5 Active (AT&T)) SM-G870F (Galaxy S5 Active) SM-G870WSM-G890A (Galaxy S6 Active (AT&T USA)) SM-G9006VSM-G9006WSM-G9008VSM-G9008WSM-G9009DSM-G9009WSM-G900A (Galaxy S5 (AT&T)) SM-G900F (Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon)) SM-G900FDSM-G900FQSM-G900H (Galaxy S5 (Exynos Octa)) SM-G900I (Galaxy S5 (SM-G900I)) SM-G900KSM-G900LSM-G900M (Galaxy S5 (SM-G900M)) SM-G900MDSM-G900P (Galaxy S5 (Sprint)) SM-G900R4SM-G900R6SM-G900R7SM-G900S (Galaxy S5 (SK Telecom)) SM-G900T (Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon/T-Mobile)) SM-G900T1 (Galaxy S5 (SM-G900T1)) SM-G900T3SM-G900V (Galaxy S5 (Verizon)) SM-G900W8 (Galaxy S5 (SM-G900W8)) SM-G901F (Galaxy S5 Plus) SM-G903F (Galaxy S5 Neo) SM-G903MSM-G903WSM-G906K (Galaxy S5 QHD LTE-A (Korea/KT Corp.)) SM-G906LSM-G906S (Galaxy S5 QHD LTE-A (Korea/SK Telecom)) SM-G9092SM-G9098SM-G910S (Galaxy Round (SK-Telecom)) SM-G9198SM-G9200SM-G9208SM-G9209SM-G920F (Galaxy S6) SM-G920I (Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I)) SM-G920KSM-G920LSM-G920PSM-G920R4SM-G920S (Galaxy S6 Edge (SK Telecom)) SM-G920TSM-G920T1 (Galaxy S6 (T-Mobile USA)) SM-G920VSM-G920W8SM-G9250SM-G925F (Galaxy S6 Edge) SM-G925I (Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925I)) SM-G925KSM-G925LSM-G925PSM-G925R4SM-G925S (Galaxy S6 (SK Telecom)) SM-G925TSM-G925W8SM-G9280SM-G9287SM-G9287CSM-G928C (Galaxy S6 Edge+ (SM-G928C)) SM-G928F (Galaxy S6 Edge+) SM-G928G (Galaxy S6 Edge+ (SM-G928G)) SM-G928ISM-G928KSM-G928L (Galaxy S6 Edge+ (SM-G928L)) SM-G928N0SM-G928PSM-G928R4SM-G928SSM-G928TSM-G928W8SM-G9298SM-G9300SM-G930F (Galaxy S7) SM-G930FDSM-G930KSM-G930LSM-G930PSM-G930R4SM-G930SSM-G930T (Galaxy S7 (T-Mobile USA)) SM-G930USM-G930VSM-G930W8 (Galaxy S7 (SM-G930W8)) SM-G9350SM-G935F (Galaxy S7 Edge) SM-G935KSM-G935LSM-G935PSM-G935R4SM-G935SSM-G935T (Galaxy S7 Edge (T-Mobile USA)) SM-G935USM-G935V (Galaxy S7 Edge (Verizon USA)) SM-G935W8 (Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935W8)) SM-G9508SM-G950F (Galaxy S8) SM-G950N (Galaxy S8 (SM-G950N)) SM-G950USM-G950U1SM-G950WSM-G955F (Galaxy S8 Plus) SM-G955N (Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955N)) SM-G955USM-G955U1SM-G955WSM-G960F (Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F)) SM-G960N (Galaxy S9 (SM-G960N)) SM-G960U (Galaxy S9 (SM-G960U)) SM-G960U1SM-G960W (Galaxy S9 (SM-G960W)) SM-G965F (Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965F)) SM-G965N (Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965N)) SM-G965U (Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965U)) SM-G965U1SM-G965W (Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965W)) SM-J100F (Galaxy J1 (SM-J100F)) SM-J100FNSM-J100GSM-J100H (Galaxy J1 (SM-J100H)) SM-J100MSM-J100MLSM-J100MU (Galaxy J1 (SM-J100MU)) SM-J100YSM-J105B (Galaxy J1 Mini 3G (SM-J105B)) SM-J105FSM-J105H (Galaxy J1 Mini (SM-J105H)) SM-J105MSM-J105YSM-J106B (Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (SM-J106B)) SM-J106F (Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (SM-J106F)) SM-J106H (Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (SM-J106H)) SM-J106MSM-J110F (Galaxy J1 Ace (SM-J110F)) SM-J110GSM-J110HSM-J110LSM-J110M (Galaxy J1 Ace (SM-J110M)) SM-J111FSM-J111M (Galaxy J1 Ace (SM-J111M)) SM-J120FSM-J120FN (Galaxy J1 2016 LTE (SM-J120FN)) SM-J120GSM-J120HSM-J120MSM-J120WSM-J120ZNSM-J200BTSM-J200F (Galaxy J2 (SM-J200F)) SM-J200GSM-J200GU (Galaxy J2 (SM-J200GU)) SM-J200H (Galaxy J2 (SM-J200H)) SM-J200MSM-J200YSM-J210FSM-J250F (Galaxy J2 2018 (SM-J250F)) SM-J250G (Galaxy J2 2018 (SM-J250G)) SM-J250M (Galaxy J2 PRO) SM-J250NSM-J250YSM-J3109SM-J3110SM-J3119SM-J320FSM-J320FN (Galaxy J3 (SM-J320FN)) SM-J320GSM-J320HSM-J320MSM-J320N0SM-J320PSM-J320R4SM-J320W8SM-J320YSM-J320YZSM-J320ZNSM-J327P (Galaxy J3 Emerge) SM-J327USM-J330F (Galaxy J3 2017) SM-J330FNSM-J330G (Galaxy J3 Pro) SM-J330LSM-J330NSM-J337TSM-J400FSM-J400GSM-J400MSM-J5007SM-J5008 (Galaxy J5 (China)) SM-J500FSM-J500FN (Galaxy J5 (SM-J500FN)) SM-J500GSM-J500H (Galaxy J5 (SM-J500H)) SM-J500MSM-J500N0SM-J500YSM-J5108SM-J510F (Galaxy J5 năm 2016 (SM-J510F)) SM-J510FN (Galaxy J5 năm nhâm thìn (SM-J510FN)) SM-J510FQSM-J510GNSM-J510H (Galaxy J5 2016 (SM-J510H)) SM-J510KSM-J510LSM-J510MNSM-J510SSM-J510UNSM-J530F (Galaxy J5 2017) SM-J530GSM-J530GMSM-J530KSM-J530LSM-J530SSM-J530YSM-J7008 (Galaxy J7 (China)) SM-J700F (Galaxy J7) SM-J700HSM-J700KSM-J700MSM-J700PSM-J700T (Galaxy J7 (T-Mobile USA)) SM-J701F (Galaxy J7 Core) SM-J701MSM-J701MTSM-J7108SM-J7109SM-J710FSM-J710FNSM-J710FQSM-J710GNSM-J710KSM-J710MNSM-J727SSM-J730F (Galaxy J7 2017) SM-J730FMSM-J730GSM-J730GMSM-J730KSM-N750 (Galaxy note 3 NEO) SM-N7500Q (Galaxy cảnh báo 3 NEO (Q)) SM-N7502 (Galaxy note 3 NEO DUOS) SM-N7505 (Galaxy note 3 NEO LTE) SM-N7505L (Galaxy note 3 NEO LTE (Latin)) SM-N7506VSM-N7507 (Galaxy cảnh báo 3 NEO (Taiwan)) SM-N7508VSM-N750K (Galaxy chú ý 3 Neo (SM-N750K)) SM-N750L (Galaxy note 3 Neo (Latin)) SM-N750S (Galaxy note 3 Neo (SM-N750S)) SM-N900 (Galaxy note 3 (Exynos)) SM-N9000Q (Galaxy note 3 (Turkey)) SM-N9002 (Galaxy cảnh báo 3 Duos) SM-N9005 (Galaxy note 3 (Snapdragon)) SM-N9006 (Galaxy note 3 (China/WCDMA)) SM-N9007 (Galaxy lưu ý 3 (Snapdragon/SM-N9007)) SM-N9008 (Galaxy chú ý 3 (China/TD-SCDMA)) SM-N9008SSM-N9008VSM-N9009 (Galaxy cảnh báo 3 (China/CDMA)) SM-N900P (Galaxy chú ý 3 (Sprint)) SM-N900R4 (Galaxy chú ý 3 (U.S Cellular)) SM-N900S (Galaxy chú ý 3 (Snapdragon 800 / LTE-A)) SM-N900T (Galaxy chú ý 3 (T-Mobile USA)) SM-N900USM-N900V (Galaxy lưu ý 3 (Verizon)) SM-N900W8 (Galaxy chú ý 3 (SM-N900W8)) SM-N9100 (Galaxy chú ý 4 Duos (China/TD-LTE)) SM-N9106WSM-N9108VSM-N9109WSM-N910C (Galaxy cảnh báo 4 (Exynos)) SM-N910F (Galaxy lưu ý 4 (Snapdragon)) SM-N910GSM-N910H (Galaxy cảnh báo 4 (African Countries)) SM-N910KSM-N910LSM-N910PSM-N910R4SM-N910SSM-N910T (Galaxy lưu ý 4 (T-Mobile USA)) SM-N910T2SM-N910T3SM-N910U (Galaxy lưu ý 4 (New Zeland)) SM-N910V (Galaxy lưu ý 4 (Verizon USA)) SM-N910W8 (Galaxy lưu ý 4 (Canada)) SM-N9150 (Galaxy cảnh báo Edge (SM-N9150)) SM-N915F (Galaxy note Edge (SM-N915F)) SM-N915FY (Galaxy chú ý Edge (SM-N915FY)) SM-N915GSM-N915KSM-N915LSM-N915P (Galaxy chú ý Edge (Sprint)) SM-N915R4SM-N915SSM-N915TSM-N915W8 (Galaxy cảnh báo Edge (SM-N915W8)) SM-N916KSM-N916L (Galaxy chú ý 4 S-LTE) SM-N916SSM-N9200SM-N9208SM-N920C (Galaxy chú ý 5 (SM-N920C)) SM-N920G (Galaxy chú ý 5 (SM-N920G)) SM-N920ISM-N920K (Galaxy chú ý 5 (SM-N920K)) SM-N920L (Galaxy cảnh báo 5 (SM-N920L)) SM-N920P (Galaxy note 5 (Sprint USA)) SM-N920R4SM-N920S (Galaxy lưu ý 5 (SM-N920S)) SM-N920TSM-N920W8SM-N9300 (Galaxy chú ý 7 (China)) SM-N930F (Galaxy lưu ý 7) SM-N930KSM-N930LSM-N930PSM-N930R4SM-N930SSM-N930TSM-N930VSM-N930W8 (Galaxy chú ý 7 (Canada)) SM-N950F (Galaxy cảnh báo 8 (SM-N950F)) SM-N950NSM-N950U (Galaxy note 8 (SM-N950U)) SM-N950U1SM-N950W (Galaxy cảnh báo 8 (SM-N950W)) SM-N950XSM-P350 (Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (Wi
Fi)) SM-P355SM-P355CSM-P355MSM-P355YSM-P550 (Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (Wi
Fi)) SM-P555 (Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (LTE)) SM-P555CSM-P555KSM-P555LSM-P555MSM-P555SSM-P555YSM-P580 (Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (S-Pen/Wi
Fi)) SM-P583SM-P585SM-P585M (Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (SM-P585M)) SM-P585N0 (Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (SM-P585N0)) SM-P585Y (Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (SM-P585Y)) SM-P587SM-P588CSM-P600 (Galaxy chú ý 10.1 năm trước (Wi-Fi)) SM-P601 (Galaxy note 10.1 2014 (Wi-Fi + 3G)) SM-P605 (Galaxy note 10.1 2014 LTE) SM-P605M (Galaxy cảnh báo 10.1 2014 LTE) SM-P605SSM-P900 (Galaxy cảnh báo PRO 12.2 (Wi
Fi)) SM-P901 (Galaxy note PRO 12.2 (3G)) SM-P905 (Galaxy note PRO 12.2 (LTE)) SM-P905F0SM-P905M (Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2 LTE (SM-P905M)) SM-P905V (Galaxy note PRO 12.2 LTE (Verizon)) SM-P907A (Galaxy cảnh báo PRO 12.2 LTE (AT&T)) SM-R350 (Samsung Gear Fit) SM-R380 (Samsung Gear 2) SM-R381 (Samsung Gear 2 NEO) SM-R750 (Samsung Gear S) SM-R750ASM-R750BSM-R750D (Samsung Gear S (Do
Mo)) SM-R750JSM-R750PSM-R750T (Samsung Gear S (T-Mobile)) SM-R750VSM-R750W (Samsung Gear S (Canada)) SM-S890L (Galaxy S4 Mini (Snapdragon/Tracfone)) SM-S975L (Galaxy S4 (Snapdragon/Tracfone)) SM-T110 (Galaxy Tab 3 Lite) SM-T111 (Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 3G) SM-T111M (Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 3G (M)) SM-T111NQSM-T113 (Galaxy Tab 3 Lite ve (SM-T113)) SM-T113NU (Galaxy Tab E (SM-T113NU)) SM-T116 (Galaxy Tab 3 Lite ve (3G)) SM-T116BUSM-T116IR (Galaxy Tab Iris) SM-T116NQSM-T116NU (Galaxy Tab 3 Lite ve 3G (SM-T116NU)) SM-T116NYSM-T210 (Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T2105 (Galaxy Tab 3 Kids) SM-T210R (Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Wi
Fi (USA)) SM-T211 (Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (Wi
Fi+3G)) SM-T211MSM-T212 (Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (China)) SM-T215 (Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 LTE) SM-T217S (Galaxy Tab 3 LTE (Sprint USA)) SM-T217TSM-T230 (Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T230NTSM-T230NUSM-T231 (Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (3G)) SM-T232SM-T235 (Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (LTE)) SM-T235YSM-T237PSM-T239 (Galaxy Tab 4 Lite 7.0 LTE) SM-T239M (Galaxy Tab 4 Lite 7.0 LTE (SM-T239M)) SM-T2519SM-T2556SM-T2558SM-T255SSM-T280SM-T285 (Galaxy Tab A 7.0 LTE năm nhâm thìn (SM-T285)) SM-T285YDSM-T287SM-T310 (Galaxy Tab 3 8.0) SM-T311 (Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T312SM-T315 (Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 LTE) SM-T315TSM-T320 (Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4) SM-T320NUSM-T321 (Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 (3G)) SM-T325 (Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 (LTE)) SM-T330 (Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T330NUSM-T331SM-T331CSM-T332SM-T335 (Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE) SM-T335KSM-T335LSM-T337A (Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE (AT&T)) SM-T337TSM-T337V (Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE (Verizon)) SM-T350 (Galaxy Tab A (SM-T350)) SM-T355SM-T355CSM-T355YSM-T357WSM-T360 (Galaxy Tab Active (Wi
Fi)) SM-T365 (Galaxy Tab Active (LTE)) SM-T365MSM-T365YSM-T375LSM-T375SSM-T377PSM-T377R4SM-T385CSM-T390SM-T395 (Galaxy Tab Active 2 (LTE)) SM-T395NSM-T520 (Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1) SM-T525 (Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1 (LTE-A)) SM-T530 (Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T530NUSM-T531 (Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (3G)) SM-T532SM-T533 (Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T535 (Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (LTE)) SM-T536 (Galaxy Tab 4 Advanced 10.1 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T537A (Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE (AT&T)) SM-T537R4SM-T537V (Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE (Verizon)) SM-T550 (Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T555 (Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (LTE)) SM-T560 (Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T560NUSM-T561 (Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (3G)) SM-T561M (Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (3G)) SM-T561Y (Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (3G)) SM-T562 (Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (Turkey)) SM-T580 (Galaxy Tab A 10.1 năm 2016 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T585 (Galaxy Tab A 10.1 năm nhâm thìn (LTE)) SM-T585C (Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (SM-T585C)) SM-T585N0SM-T587SM-T670 (Galaxy View) SM-T677 (Galaxy View LTE) SM-T700 (Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T705 (Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (LTE)) SM-T705CSM-T705M (Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE (South America)) SM-T705W (Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE (Canada)) SM-T705YSM-T707VSM-T710 (Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (Wi-Fi)) SM-T713SM-T715SM-T715CSM-T715N0SM-T715YSM-T719 (Galaxy Tab S2 ve sầu 8.0 LTE) SM-T719CSM-T719YSM-T800 (Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T805 (Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (LTE)) SM-T805CSM-T805LSM-T805M (Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE (South America)) SM-T805SSM-T805W (Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE (Canada)) SM-T805YSM-T807PSM-T807R4SM-T807TSM-T810 (Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi
Fi) SM-T813 (Galaxy Tab S2 ve sầu 9.7 Wi
Fi) SM-T815 (Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LTE) SM-T815CSM-T815N0SM-T815YSM-T817PSM-T817R4SM-T817TSM-T817WSM-T818SM-T819 (Galaxy Tab S2 ve sầu 9.7 LTE) SM-T819CSM-T819YSM-T820 (Galaxy Tab S3 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T825 (Galaxy Tab S3 (LTE)) SM-T825YSM-T827VSM-T900 (Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2 (Wi
Fi)) SM-T905 (Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2 (LTE)) SM-V700 (Galaxy Gear) SM-W2014 (Samsung SM-W2014) SM-W2015 (Galaxy Golden 2) SM-W2016 (Galaxy Golden 3) SM-W2017SM-Z130H (Samsung Z1) SM-Z200F (Galaxy Z2) SM-Z300H (Samsung Z3 (SM-Z300H)) SM-Z400F (Galaxy Z4) SPH-D710 (Galaxy S 2 Epic 4G Touch) SPH-D710BSTSPH-L520 (Samsung SPH-L520 (Sprint)) SPH-L600 (Galaxy Mega 6.3 (Sprint)) SPH-L710 (Galaxy S 3 LTE (Sprint)) SPH-L720 (Galaxy S 4 (Sprint)) SPH-L720TSPH-L900 (Galaxy chú ý 2 LTE (Sprint)) YP-G70
Is there any galaxy cảnh báo 8 port rom available fpr galaxy note 4 exynos n910c variants? I need pure note 8 lượt thích look. Currently I have installed note 7 port Nemesis Refined 3.8.6 Rom and it"s very stable và beautiful. But chú ý 8 is wonderful. So if anyone ever came across that please feel không lấy phí to mô tả the Rom liên kết to download. Thank you so much

Is there any galaxy lưu ý 8 port rom available fpr galaxy note 4 exynos n910c variants? I need pure note 8 like look. Currently I have installed chú ý 7 port Nemesis Refined 3.8.6 Rom và it"s very stable & beautiful. But lưu ý 8 is wonderful. So if anyone ever came across that please feel free to share the Rom liên kết to download. Thank you so much
You did not read the XDA rules, right? Maybe a moderator will have mercy and show you the way khổng lồ heaven It"s rude lớn ask for something, especially in the size "I need". If there will be any custom rom work for your device, be kind & try to find it yourself within the diễn đàn threads. & don"t ask, but engage a polite and respectful discussion with the OP and/or other users.
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Is there any galaxy cảnh báo 8 port rom available fpr galaxy cảnh báo 4 exynos n910c variants? I need pure lưu ý 8 lượt thích look. Currently I have installed cảnh báo 7 port Nemesis Refined 3.8.6 Rom và it"s very stable and beautiful. But cảnh báo 8 is wonderful. So if anyone ever came across that please feel không tính tiền to nói qua the Rom links to download. Thank you so much
Please dont write a question in general exynos menu. You can ask it on main thread. Why a lot of people lượt thích this. F***

U can ask what ever u wish... There is no stupid questions only stupid answers, as u can see above....

Yes off topic but I can't find the Galaxy Tab S9 series hueni.edu.vns has anyone started one yet?

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