Snowsports Industries America (SIA), the non-profit trade association for the winter sports industry, announces that Outdoor Retailer has officially changed the dates for the January 2019 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show và the Winter Sports Market. Both shows will be held in Denver, CO.

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The new dates will be:

2019• Winter Sports Market / Sunday, Jan. 27 – Tuesday, Jan. 29• Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show / Wednesday, Jan. 30 – Friday, Feb. 1

2020• Winter Sports Market / Sunday, Jan. 26 – Tuesday, Jan. 28• Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show / Wednesday, Jan. 29 – Friday, Jan. 31

2021• Winter Sports Market / Sunday, Jan. 24 – Tuesday, Jan. 26• Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show / Wednesday, Jan. 27 – Friday, Jan. 29

2022• Winter Sports Market / Sunday, Jan. 23 – Tuesday, Jan. 25• Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show / Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Friday, Jan. 28

As an advocate for both our members & the winter sports industry, SIA has listened khổng lồ the growing concerns regarding the dates of the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show that were announced months ago by Outdoor Retailer. Since then, we’ve been in continuous discussions with OR regarding these concerns và have been actively advocating on our members’ behalf.

Outdoor Retailer has heard the industry và has worked tirelessly to lớn change the dates, which is hugely beneficial khổng lồ the industry as a whole. We are grateful lớn them for all their hard work.

“In changing the dates, Outdoor Retailer has accommodated the winter sports industry,” says Nick Sargent, president of SIA. “It is critical now, more than ever, that we continue to lớn work together và keep the winter sports community aligned in our mission of helping the winter industry thrive. We will continue lớn build off the momentum of the January 2019 show to lớn create the most successful trade show for our industry.”

“We’re excited that we’re able khổng lồ keep the industry united at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2019, and well into the future,” said Mike Adams, vice president of winter sports equipment & commercial director for Amer Sports, & SIA’s board chairman. “Thank you lớn Outdoor Retailer for the quick action and to the buying groups—SSL và SMC—for their hard work as well.”

Stay tuned for news about the dates of SIA’s On-Snow demo in the following weeks.Outdoor Retailer 2018 Summer and Winter (November 2018) Market dates remain the same.

From magnetic skis khổng lồ augmented-reality apps, brands congregated lớn launch products at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019. Our team spent a week in Denver evaluating products lớn find the best to-be-released products for winter 2019-2020. The following 10 caught our eye as some of the most innovative, và the “best in show.”

Ross Snow Tech Snow Bindings


In the world of backcountry snowboarding, there are really only two options. Boarders can splitboard, an option that requires a special board and bindings. Or you can snowshoe và carry a solid board on your back. But with this option, you still need lớn attach your snowshoes to lớn your back for the ride down.


Ross Snow Tech displayed a completely innovative binding at the OR Show, one that detaches from the board & unfolds to perform as a snowshoe. Then, when you get to lớn the top, fold it back together, strap it to lớn your board, và ride down. Ross Snow Tech calls its first binding the Convert, which weighs 3.5 pounds apiece. The brand is new but expects production next winter season for $600.

Optic Double
Take Binoculars

The Nex
Optic Double
Take completely reimagines binoculars,
và the result is a sản phẩm that redefines the category. Nex
Optic’s patented & patent-pending Blade Optics công nghệ puts the nguồn of a telescope in a rugged handheld device.

By utilizing dual lenses, one wide-field and one narrow-field, Double
Take makes finding, focusing, and zooming in on objects quick & easy. It digitally supports 4K video, 12-megapixel photos, & audio with an SD card slot option. But, most interestingly, the large screen allows people to lớn view the magnified view together and even giới thiệu the view on smartphones via Bluetooth. Users can also wirelessly mô tả their truyền thông media and display screen with smartphones.

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When an outdoors juggernaut lượt thích The North Face gets excited, it usually means big things. Few new product introductions make waves lượt thích FUTURELIGHT. The new waterproof-breathable membrane makes bold claims of breathability while maintaining waterproof characteristics. The key differentiator here is that The North Face said it can now “tune” the breathability in its FUTURELIGHT garments to meet the demands of various activities.

Few people outside The North Face athletes & team have used it yet, so our fingers are crossed. See details in our article ‘FUTURELIGHT Promises Unheard-Of Breathability for 2019.’